New Toy!

Returning to the blog world after a clear month. It was an intended vacation. Yes. So, I can claim.

Life has been happening in fast frenzy in the March 2012, that it hasnt marched but rather galloped.

If you are reading this and ask, what have I got to show for all the month of intemperance, about a brand new Canon 60 D ! That hopefully means I will have more topics to blog on, for it is always the stories in the snaps that have brought alive words on the keyboard.

The innocent child. The child in the mothers eyes. The discarded auto. The swanky flat. The old palace. The splendour of the true blue sky and the dark patches in the human spirit ! All have come alive on the blog through pictures !

For a couple of months now, the good old camera has been down and the hunt for a new camera went on with some reading research and awesome conversations. Finally leading me upto a Canon 60D. A friend, overcome with generosity laden stupour has lent me his 18-55 lens and I have become functional ! (The world spins on it axis because of such friends I say!)

Frankly, a camera of this order means nothing by itself. Those blokes in fancy cars and sloppy driving skills dot the roads of every city.

For the last couple of days, I have experimented with the camera. Which means, opening the manual and playing with the keys and shooting the twin flowers that I have on my study’s windowsill ! Not to forget a fascinating conversation with a friend who has passion for photography!

So, I have experimented. My experiments could fit the ilk of a new driver testing out a brand new car, with his wife seated next to him! Especially, if has bought the car on EMIs!

Here are some early shots!

The possibilities and options that this camera holds are way too varied and compulsively confusing for me to comprehend in two days. So, I have been experimenting. So much so that post purchase dissonance has been knocking on the door!

But, passive intemperance is out. Active blogging is in. (I resolved to declare that you see). Ok. Whatever !

Thank you for your patience !

7 thoughts on “New Toy!

  1. Welcome back!
    And give us more pics from your camera. [What also this means is take my few pics too!]
    Get going…….

  2. the right tool has reached the right hands..


    looking forward to more experiments!

  3. ashok says:

    wow! keep em’ comming…

  4. Roshni says:

    I knew it! The moment I saw ‘new toy’ in the title, I knew it had to be a new camera!! You guys!!! 😀

  5. Priya says:

    That is so cool and keep on clicking:))

  6. Jeevan says:

    That’s well taken shots and little creative. Expecting more from now…

    Seems we both are on same boat rowing with brand new cam from Canon – i bought Powershot SX220 HS 🙂

  7. Dwiti says:

    Nice pics.. especially the one with the net as a backdrop..

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