The gap between the end and the bend !

We meet after a long while. After what seems like an eternity.  

He speaks of lost opportunities and missed chances. Inbetween stories of his valorous wins and overflowing juggernaut of his conquests. 

He suddenly stopped, and asked, why he hadnt seen a blogpost from me in a long while. ‘Have you given up on blogging ?’, he asks.

I tell him there is a difference between a ‘bend’ and an ‘end’ ! 

He looks vaguely. Emptily he fiddles with his brand new Rolex, which I think is a fake one, and says, I should blog about this. 

And I agree. 

5 thoughts on “The gap between the end and the bend !

  1. SG says:

    Thus goes the journey of life, I guess. That looks like a really sharp curve…

  2. Aleta says:

    I enjoy reading your blog… it’s poetic. Lovely.

  3. the bend seems to be going a tad bit long…come back 😛 i did!

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