These days I open Facebook with a mild trepidation thinking of all the stuff that show up on my social media timelines. Ranging from the inane to the insane. From the incredulous to the ridiculous. Very rarely is there something that is truly incredible. Stuff that people post that make me go back in there. Like this video below. 

A fascinating piece that the Films Division has released in 1967. A montage of people that were born on 15th Aug 1947. Something like a 20-20. They turned twenty when free India turned twenty. The visual collage weaves their hopes for the future and gives a snapshot of what it was to have lived in 1967! 

I have watched the video a few times over now and hope you would snatch 18 minutes of your time to do so, once!
Lodged firmly in it are the reckless confidence of youth. The seemingly unsurmountable challenges of then and how they continue to haunt us now. And in the twinkle in the eye you can almost see the promise that ‘the tomorrow’ held for them.  In the assertive confidence, pale quiver in the lips or in the obscure dream of making it in the future, I see the present day sitting and smiling too. 

Only now it is all in a HDMI supported colour with more jazz. How much has life changed for the ordinary man on the street? Tom Brokaw, in a commencement speech put it eloquently : “It will do us little good to wire the world if we short circuit our souls”
What will the tomorrow hold? How different will that be?  I wonder if we have let a promise slip by. More importantly I wonder what it will take to keep the promises we made to ourselves when we were younger! What will it take for the twenty somethings of today turnaround and say, we have moved on? 
Do give the video a dekho. The wheel of time spins with remarkable alacrity. As much as things change, the scale of stuff that remains the same is just incredible. A truly remarkable piece, I must say. 

4 thoughts on “20-20

  1. A very interesting documentary. What is shows is the hopes of the 20s at that point of time and faith in the system. It also shows freedom of speech, thought and action without stereo typing.

    16 years later nothing much has changed. Well except that there is brashness, uncalled arrogance in a lot of us and the innocence that young Indians used to have is probably gone.

  2. ashok says:

    wow…wer did u get this Kavi? amazing documentary…

  3. Insignia says:

    I watched this video last week. I was dumbstruck. What maturity; what clarity of thoughts. And the hopes of a better tomorrow and present optimism. I hope they are not disappointed by today’s India.

    And it set me thinking; what would 20 year old kids today talk about.

  4. Kavi says:

    @Spiralarchitect : splendid isnt it!!?! Suddenly we immerse ourselves in beguiling ’emerging superpower’ and silly stuff like that. We need some grounding!

    @Ashok : Facebook! Where else!

    @insignia : You bet. The clarity of thoughts was what stumped me. I am not sure if they can ever be happy where we have landed up now!

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