Soulful symmetry

The hard disk has a lot of snaps. Adjectives don’t do a complete job of describing these. Although, it can safely be said that ‘100s of snaps’ or ‘1000s of snaps’ etc are improper qualifiers. Several of them I gloss over. Part upset. More embarrassed of me wasting of a grand moment with an inept handling of the camera. Leaving me with an image that distorts far more than what it reveals and reducing a moment that should last in the mind to another passing one that is glossed over with ease.

There are some pictures that sit pretty on the hard drive. I can keep staring at them and get drawn back to the time I clicked them. Only some. Truth be told, a concoction of luck, pluck and a decent camera make it possible.  As the missus thoughtfully observed once, even as I was all chuffed looking at a photograph of a raging bull that I had clicked sometime ago, “Any donkey with a DSLR thinks attributes much less to the DSLR than what it deserves”.

My only deviant answer to that question was, ‘that is not a donkey, as you can see. That is a bull.”

Her cryptic response which said much more than what it said was, “Ah, Bull”

While that may be the general tenor and disposition, there are moments when I catch a whiff silent admiration as she looks at some of my clicks. Just a whiff. Of course, the slow chap that I am, I notice that there was a whiff that I should have caught,  long after the whiff passes by. As with most things in life, these whiffs don’t come announcing with cymbals and bugles. ( Only Weddings happen that way).

These are moments that happen. For example, when the missus looks at a snap that I have clicked for three milliseconds longer than the normal two milliseconds she usually reserves for my pictures, I reaffirm my faith that all is not lost and there is still hope for me. If she tosses her head to a side and examines it like a kid examining a new math textbook, with interest laden disinterest, I know that I have nudged my image a notch higher in her mind.

This was one such image which she even looked at twice. The Rameswaram Temple photo, as I call it. With a ‘The’.  Naturally, I had to share.


Rameswaram. The temple itself is as old as the 17 century, in its current form. In an earlier form, from the 11th century. If you have to see the interplay of light, symmetry, art and sheer scale of imagination on one scale and minute attention to detail on another, replicated multiple times, this is the place to go.

Go you must, with a truck load of time and with a desire to soak up what the place has to offer. Beyond the Gods and the pilgrims. Even as countless pilgrims scurry around running from one temple tank to another dripping water, you could soak up the grandeur of the magic of yesteryear. Of a way of life that paid attention to detail, imagination, symmetry and yet was comprehensively grounded anchored to ancient practices. All in the name of God.

If you just sit there, as I did and let the imagination roam to think what it must have taken to put all this together, pulling off such a grand structure that continues to awe and inspire for centuries, a few things happen. At a spiritual level, something happens. Its a feast for your eyes. Its a bounty for imagination. In a completely indescribable way, it is refreshing.

If it gets the missus to give it a second glance, me thinks God is in his elements. Whatsay? 😉

6 thoughts on “Soulful symmetry

  1. Rekha says:

    That’s indeed a beautiful picture. One of the places on our ‘to visit’ list.

  2. Jairam Mohan says:

    That Kavi is truly a breathtaking picture, no two ways about it. Wonderful composition of the picture, and you have placed yourself exactly at the centre of the corridor as well.

  3. manjulasinha says:

    a beautiful composition. … you have a keen eye for detail. I had the good fortune to visit this temple.and now your photograph has given me a second opportunity to appreciate the architecture. your missus is right as always.

  4. jayakumar says:

    amazing click. one place that has been photographed so often. and every photo of this place is a pleasure. if u have impressed the highcommand it surely means something. our temples remain centres of artistic excellence and scientific knowledge which more often than not get lost among the desperate attempt to find divinity. as always ur engaging sense of humour is a joy.

  5. Have to agree, Mrs. Kavi is right. 🙂

    An exceptionally breathtaking photograph of what is obviously an exceptionally lovely temple! Definitely on my “must visit” list now….

  6. Rajan Srinivasan says:

    I think in addition to the symmetry, the variation in colors as you move from the floor to ceiling make this photo special. The spot light at the end, from the inner sanctum completes this perfect picture – Thanks for sharing

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