The pathways aren’t often straight lines. Sometimes they are not clear. Many other times, they need to be created.  The undergrowth to be cleared. Concrete and stone coming together to make a permanent path. At other times, what’s required is walking through the undergrowth. A few more walks for a few more days and the pathways emerge.

Have you noticed that people look for pathways that have been created and simultaneously yearn for the rush of creating new pathways? It is often the case.

‘Creation of new grand pathways is not for everyone’, someone told me a few weeks ago.  I argued that creating new pathways in the brain is so important to keep things alive. To keep the mind young and fresh. It is the basis for curiosity. It is something that each one of us can do. Pick up a new task. Go by a different route. Talk to a new person. Listen like never before. Whatever. New neural pathway a keeps us moving forward.

These constantly add flourish to who we are even as new discoveries emerge.  That is the true story of several entrepreneurs who set up path-breaking ventures 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pathways

  1. Gopalakrishnan says:

    excellent as usual..

  2. Shankar R Bharadhwaj says:

    Very nice one Kavi.

    Good Message for the day

  3. Jeevan says:

    Very interesting and inspiring perspectives on pathways! I love revealing new pathways and observe for things that are different even though the destination is same.

  4. Vinod Reddy says:

    The different pathway leading to the same destination may help us finding a new pathway leading to a brand new destination!!

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