Of borders and lines !

“Nations have been sacrificing individuals in the name of the nation – and ‘nation’ is just a word. The lines that you have drawn on the map are not anywhere on the earth. They are just your game. But fighting over these lines that you have drawn on the map, millions of people have died – real people dying for unreal lines . And you make them heroes. National heroes.” – Osho

These lines seemed to jut out of the book and stare at me. Many years ago, I read the book A borderless world by Kenichi Ohmae, and I fell in love with the idea, that commerce would break down national boundaries. And we were seeing the first evidences of it back then. For instance, I vaguely recall, he talking about how the turnover of Microsoft was twice as big as the GDPs of many countries. And how, such organisations wielded more relative power than ‘countries’ per se.

I sang ‘Imagine’ by John Lenon loudly and walked about, searching & hopeful of deliverance. Today, that idea seems to be coming at us with great speed. But clinging to this idea are the borders too. With much more emphasis and starkness. There are more borders than ever.

Over time, years and commerce, the heights and the lengths of the fences have just kept growing. Sure, commerce is changing the world. The fences are getting dismantled only to be relocated! With an ever increasing number of people becoming numb to their own souls, the boundaries, labels and stereotypes are getting pronounced even more!

Am not sure where this post is headed. Just like me. Standing at what seems like an approach to a weird crossroad.

Life & time slip by. Fence or no fence. Perhaps carrying all the answers between them !