Of Pink Buses & more !

The cities of the world are best visualized by the modes of transport most popular in that city. Or country for that matter. I think of Chennai, and the auto rickshaws come to my mind. The auto rickshaws of Vijayawada and Vizag are one of the oldest that I have traveled on.

The thought of Calcutta reminds of trams. You cannot separate Mumbai from its local trains. Kerela and its boats. ( Not mentioning the red buses. I guess they get their red colour from Ferrari !)

The seamless taxis of Singapore. The clean ones of Bangkok. The buses and taxis of London. The Metros of Calcutta and Delhi. The efficient intra and inter city connectivity of Tamil Nadu buses. Well, each city has its charm !

We have some innovative stuff running in Bangalore these days. They call it the pink bus. The bus is actually bright pink in colour and you can see it from a mile away. Well, you guessed it right if you said, that this bus was exclusively meant for women.

I guess this bus keeps the women safer. But it gets the roads of Bangalore more unsafe ! You know where the eyes should be Vs where the eyes would be, if the pink bus is coming by !!

Coming close on the heals of the Volvo buses which have brought the man on the street to experience air-conditioned world class travel, this is indeed one more of the innovation worth noting ! The old and the new exist side by side. That perhaps makes it very interesting. To appreciate the present. And the past too !

The other day, we saw a new a bus in Bangalore. It was a OTS bus (Open To Sky) ! My wife got excited and clicked a picture ! I guess the pleasant weather will kind of make tourists take to these buses. I guess people will also have to watch their head, just in case their head doesn’t come in contact with some high voltage cable!

By the way, Kingfisher airlines is planning a chopper service between points of Mumbai and the airport. Just to make sure you beat the traffic!

Hmmm !