Celebration. 100th Post. Scripts

Turning a New Page. 100 Not Out !

Was talking to Praveen during the Chennai trip. As the waves came crashing to the shore, his ideas & questions were on the table too. One of them was “Why do you have an all black template for your blog?” I looked at him. And into the Bay of Bengal. Why ? Well, i guess black was an regal colour. We didnt pursue that conversation far. But it kind of stuck in me.

Time for a change i told myself & started looking at other options. The process consumed my time. Now, i am no techie, and the only kind of scripts that i have heard ( on the DVD ) is of the vedic variety. I talked to my wife and a few others to conclude that the template must have the following ingredients.

a. It must be easy on the eye & different.
b. It must hold attention (atleast for sometime!)
c. It must stay aligned to core systems in me: Reaching out, Authenticity, People Values, Optimism. Celebration of Life. Education. Our planet. Our future et al
d. It must be easy to do all this, and must be amenable to future changes, which i have resolved to make more often !

Well, i didnt get as close as i would have wanted to all of the above. But there has been movement. I moved on my knowledge and got to understand the basics of some scripts! But this is it. My new template. (I am reminded of a story of the Emperors New Clothes ! For some strange reason).

Fighting power cuts, a mind that kept telling me “dont do that, you would lose every thing that you have saved..” and other such ‘powercuts’! I am aware that the average software ‘scripter’ will laugh at me having a separate post for this. And not accomplishing much at that ! But, you know what, i am discovering that Life is a celebration, enjoying every turn is what adds up !

By the way, there is one more discovery, as i was doing all of this. This is my 100th post ! I did survive eh ! More than the survival, it is the people that i have managed to establish a deep relationship with that warrants a celebration !

Thanks everyone! Cheers !