Cotton candy

Life & Cotton Candy !

Its been a busy week. At the end of it, some tough terrain ahead stares at me. Stronger resolutions reside inside. Life rolls on.

Close to work, i spotted this kid candy seller. Looking at his merchandise you would agree that he packs quite a punch. He markets his wares to kids in a nearby school. Long time ago, the sight of cotton candy used to be mouth watering. Not anymore. These days, they bring in a great deal of nostalgia of the days when it used to be mouthwatering.

Seems to be big business for the small kid, selling cotton candy to kids as small as him. Many a time, much bigger. But he is unfettered by the size & build of his customer. So very focussed on merchandising & selling his merchandise ! The ability to focus on possibilities rather than look at immediate limitations is something that this kid taught me. A deep desire to move on despite odds. Whatever they may be.

I see him every other day. He obviously doesnt notice me watching him and learning lessons. Busy as he is with selling his candy. For sometime now, i have been wanting to walk upto him and buy a cotton candy. For old times sake. And of course, the free inspiration. I realise, Life holds its answers around us.

This time around its just wrapped inside cotton candy !