‘Excuse Please’ Update !

We took off to Shirdi. As we were driving through the interiors of rural Maharashtra, we found ourselves a hundred odd kilometers from Aurangabad and a day to spare. To cut a short story, shorter, the car’s wheels rolled into Aurangabad. On a whim !

If Ellora took our breath away, Aurangabad with its history has a impregnable charm to itself ! There is so much of history coursing the soil of this city that could well take a lifetime to comprehend completely !

The calf muscles are sore of alternating between the clutch, the brake and the accelerator ! But then, there are a thousand plus snaps in the camera. Hundreds of stories to share and thoughts to write about and tips to give !

The good roads, some prodding and constant encouragement from the good souls that shared the car made me ponder a ‘travel blog’ aloud.
The sound that came about from the missus face palming caused a jolt to the Jap engine ! That notwithstanding, watch this space.

For now, the calf muscles are threatening secession from the body, if they are not given rest.
So..Excuse me please !