The fever.

Watching clouds take the myriad shapes & imagination running riot about what each combination of cumulous clouds could mean, continue to fascinate the mind. Sitting by the window, you watch the clouds run rain riot afar.

And when the riots hit you, you pull the glass pane and marvel at the raindrops splatter on the glass pane and splatter away at the window sill.

You listen to every possible radio station on Worldspace. NPR. BBC. CNN. Slovak Radio! Suddenly these seem propitious! Some kind of connect with the broad world outside!

The few unfinished pages of SHIFT by Carlos Gohn stare at me. My eyes stare at them with a devouring desire. Considering I started out with SHIFT, three days back, its not bad progress.

At night, when you sleep, you hear strange noises. Of work. Of play. Of the world. And when you wake up, you still feel the body raging, but in someway you are thankful. That it still is on.

In the morning, you get out of bed and think today will be different. And then, sink right back in.

The wife reminds you that since the time you got married, this is the first time that you are spending so much time at home. Together.

Not much you can do when you have a Viral fever!

Except perhaps try doing somethings for the first time. Like listening to Slovak radio or blog from your mobile phone!