Portable Devices & times !

I was trying to find the exact meaning & origin of ‘pod’ as in ipod. Portable Device huh !! Interesting !

I found that this is called the chargepod ! Multiple devices that can be charged at one go !

This has multiple benefits including not hunting for chargers for the mobile, ipod, camera and so on.

At first there was nothing. Then there came something, to better the nothing. T
Then came something else, to better the something.
Then came something
completely else, that transformed something else. And so on.

And then came SOMETHING, to take care of the ‘something elses’ !

Our evolution is sparkling isnt it. We roamed in the jungles. Then we found gadgets. ( Now thats a big leap, but flow with it for now. After all, this is about gadgets that simplify our lives).

And, after all of that, we are marketing gadgets, to help use gadgets.

Ok. What Next ?

Any guesses ?