Green Card

Green Card Payments !

The last day for payment of the credit card bill nears. And as the outstanding amount peers out of the bill and into my eye, i sigh. The thrill of the immediate pleasure of enjoying a comfort or a luxury when the card was swiped is nowhere near for comfort.

As the card statement stared at me from the table, my went back to the post on Earth day ! For some odd and strange reason ! And then a remarkable analogy struck me.

A credit card. It doesn’t pinch you when you buy the worldly pleasures using the card. It feels great to have the neighbours go green with envy. Its lovely to sink in the wallops of comfort that the product provides you. But what really pinches you is when the credit card bill arrives. What pinches you more is when you don’t have money to pay back.

Isn’t that exactly whats been happening to our environment ! We have been swiping our cards through generations. Our credit limits are tipping over ! And its pay back time. You know what, our record with the “Green Card” isn’t doing any good to our credit worthiness !

I was wowed ! That was a powerful analogy. Over here, with credit card interest rates ranging 35 %+, it seemed striking. What we are doing to the environment, is many times worse ! Using up all the credit limits, with no clue as to how we will find the resources to repay !

I think its time that we each one of us at least pay our part towards paying up the “minimum balance due !” Lest the credit card company decide to take punitive action !

Poohs Den has a competition on the environment and what we can do. Some interesting thoughts and ideas are over there ! Do pen your thoughts !

As i close this post, there seems to be one phrase that is still lingering in my mind.
“Punitive action” !