Helmets in Bangalore

A helmet is an important accessory the world over. After many a death, it finally has become mandatory and law in Bangalore. There was so much of dithering over this, that it wasnt funny! But finally the helmets are here to stay. Or atleast, lets hope so.

There are curious scenes to spot on the road these days. Where the helmet is now an attachment to the bike to be worn when a policeman is spotted. The Times of India found a policeman without one, and splashed a front page photograph. The cops fined the cop the next day !

And guess what, the police department has earned in lakhs, just by levying fines on those who do not wear a helmet. In six-seven days, thats some number to see ! At the rate of Rs. 100/- for a first offence (of not wearing a helmet) and Rs. 300 for a second one!

As the campaigns intensify to spread the awareness, i wonder why people dont wear a helmet. The hair getting ruffled, hair-fall, suffocation etc, all are answers that have been thrown at me. I was left gaping when a colleague said, “Gods given me a good face. Why should cover it up with the helmet ?”

Another colleague said, quietly, “I wish he gave some brains to go along with the face pal.” I nodded in vigorous support !

Three cheers to the helmet.