Sunday Rant

Lazy Sunday. I didn’t know they had a day for laughter ! But then, since knowing they had a day for laughter, been trying smile all day. Now, that wasn’t seen as funny by many. How ironic !

The environment is again making the news. With the Times Of India running a series of front page articles on how we must change or the Himalayas will no longer be snow clad and our rivers will run dry. I am not sure how many people read it.

A friend, who now has gotten used to my rants on the environment, as much as the first page articles on the same subject in the TOI, said, “Perhaps they should say things like “if you don’t take care of the environment Pizza Hut will close down or there will be no TV show, no cricket etc !!. We need to sell it differently. Illustrate it in a manner which will reach people” !

Speaking about that, how is this ? I chanced upon it today. An illustration on global warming. Now, hope this is illustratative enough, M ?

Now tomorrow is Monday. That isn’t funny. BTW, The World Laughter Day is on the first Sunday of May. Always.

Never on a Monday. No wonder !

Have a great weak !