On the Wall : Ilusory Irony !

The mention of the word Maya, gets me philosophical !

All of the world is Maya. Thats what i knew. I thought of Maya in great awe, and uttered ‘MAYA’ with an air of respect, and a circle of awe. Until a couple of days back.

‘All of the world is Maya’, i have read in the epics. Everything is but an illusion and everything is taken from HIM, says the Gita.

Realisation that the world has moved on from there, caught me by surprise. Completely. That for sometime, i thought of myself as a lost soul getting off a ship that was moored in the middle of the Indian ocean for a million years !

Actually, this poster sent me scurrying for knowledge.

And i returned with understanding that Maya is the name of an animation software. Aha !

But think of the irony. The poster that advertises to make you an expert in animation, by studying Maya….is stuck on top of another that announces the death anniversary of a gentleman !

Maya ! Huh !

Javas transformation from coffee to software gave didnt excite me. One bit. I hope Maya stays illusory !