My Last Post.

From Bangalore.

And i must add..’for now’ !

Well, the fine print counts ! Doesn’t it !?!

Early tomorrow morning we fly to Mumbai. My friends tell me Mumbai is a tough city to live in, especially if you are used to Bangalore. I am going to check it out !

Our goods have moved. The house is empty. And tomorrow morning, we move ! Its been hectic. The new job and the promise of the excitement that it holds makes it seem worth it all. Time will tell !

Isnt it tough for you to commence living in Mumbai?” my friends ask me. To me, the bigger ask seems to be leaving Bangalore. The city has grown on us. Infact we grew along with it ! But, life goes on !

As we said our goodbyes to our friends today, i realised that true wealth is in having people & relationships. People who you have touched. And people who have touched you ! It was so special. Each goodbye was different. Each special. Each treasured. So will be my goodbye to the city of Bangalore: special & treasured !

Life goes on ! And there will be a change in ‘place line’ to this blog too ! But that will be atleast night later ! This blog drew its inspiration from this city. And so, it indeed is justified in having its last whiffs of the city!!

The national anthem stays. There are two forms of it here. The instrumental and the vocal ! Symbolic. Perhaps of an effective closure & another of a new beginning.

Wish me luck ! I would need tons of it !