One-Upmanship !

I got these set of pictures from a friend. And the heights to which people go to be one up over the other is visible ! One upmanship at its best ! I do not have details etc of the exact location of these. That is secondary!

First in the series is the Jet Airways hoarding.

After sometime, the same location saw an addition to the space above ! Courtesy Kingfisher airlines.

And then there is Go-Air’s proclamation ! Am not sure if this digitally mixed or something. But it does get interesting doesn’t it ? In-between all this is the fact that the Indian consumer and his value conscious mindset isn’t going to change in a long while. Am not sure if that is still the smartest of things to say !!!

Well, many months back, i saw this picture. Now the Pepsi Vs Coke war is legendary. Particularly so, in advertising with all the visibility. The “Nothing Official about it” campaign of Pepsi in a particular world cup campaign, when Coke was the official drink of the world cup was a powerful coup !

These have made me smile as they bring about a level of street corner joys ! The ones that we used to have as children!!

Here are another set of ads, ( sent by Niru) which chronicles the war in the automobile industry! I haven’t verified these, but couldn’t help laugh and share it here ! To ensure that readers don’t have to struggle to read small font, i am keying in the message as well.

BMW opens the account
“Congratulations to Audi for winning the South African Car Of the Year 2006.
From the World Car of the Year 2006″

Audi’s response
“Congratulations to BMW for winning Word Car of the Year 2006.
From the winner of six consecutive Le Mans 24 hour races. 2000 – 2006″

Subaru jumps in:
“Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest.
From the winner of the 2006 international engine of the year”

Bentleys speaks:
No words to it ! Just plain one upmanship.

For some reason i found myself humming Shania Twain’sThat dont impress me much”! Well, i thought it set the context here !