Page three

Page Three Phenomenon !

Ladies & gentlemen, i am supposed to be a page three phenomenon ! Or rather, this blog got featured in Page 3 of Mid day, Bangalore. Correction, a photograph from this blog got published in the Mid Day, with due credits given !

To me, that was plain wonderful. Manu commented on the earlier post with the picture, saying it was an awesome snap and stating that he probably could have it published. Lo & behold within a few days time, the snap was there on Mid Day ! Talk about the power of blogging & connecting! By the way, if you are wondering who Manu is, well Manu is a fellow blogger who i havent met in person, but connect to, through his writing !

It was a pleasant surprise to me. But also, vindication that seeming ‘craziness’ to a few, need not be viewed the same way, by all ! Thankfully so ! Whichever way it goes, blogs are here to stay !

Thanks Manu. And as i said earlier, you have been one heck of a Santa to me ! You have scripted this one well ! Putting a smile on a worried brow !