PG or PJ !

Thats a new trend. PG accommodation. PG stands for Paying Guest accommodation. A trend in Bangalore with many young men and women who move from their small towns with big hopes, aspirations and salaries, into the mega city Bangalore is now becoming !

A Paying Guest to me, means a guest in somebody’s home. You pay for your stay. Going by all the advertisements that proclaim PG accommodation is available, well, one may get to think that there indeed are so many houses with a host who is willing to take somebody in as a guest ! Thats what i thought until many years ago, i was lead to some other place!

A paying guest (PG) is a misnomer of sorts. A PG for practical purposes is a ‘hostel’ accommodation. Many a time with multiple ‘inmates’ sharing a room. And many rooms in a complex. With constant movement of people from one organisation to another, there is also constant move from one PG to another !

I guess somewhere the correct understanding has to go in. So if you are in Bangalore, and somebody talks to you about a PG accommodation, and you are going to think of a good host who has given you one room of his or her house, please remember the reality of the case could rest at the other end of the spectrum.

No PG. Perhaps is a PJ ! ( Poor Joke for the uninitiated ) !

The song i chose was Home by Micheal Buble. A favourite song again !
The feelings of wanting to go home prevails for every newcomer to a big city. ” Maybe surrounded by A million people I, Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home..”