The Zipping Point

“God has given you two ears and one mouth for obvious reasons.” Something I heard on the passing as Mr. A was ‘advising’ Ms.B. Well, the obviousness escaped biological understanding. But a string of thought like a string cracker from Sivakasi got ignited.

When does one start talking or for that matter stop? Having been accused of both talking far too less and far too more. ( It indeed gets weird when different people give you these two different ends of the spectrum as feedback. Drawing reference to the SAME CONVERSATION!

That apart, I have been wondering, when does one stop. I guess a majority of the world is afflicted with the ‘stop problem’, rather than the ‘start problem’! Corporate corridors have taught me that it is best to assume that nobody can keep a secret. So your innermost thoughts, best stay where they are.

But having http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/hair-loss/ them stay where they are, increases the stress on their surroundings I guess. The best of solutions that I have found is to have a network of trusted family and friends outside of work, from diverse fields. The other solutions are to best keep detached from work. And strive to keep your mind and body occupied through a passion or a hobby. By the way, Blog !

Life will go on. Some will speak. Others will listen. Some others will speak of what you have spoken or supposed to have spoken to a variety of people. But learning to shrug and running to your carefully chosen passions and people will keep the sails fluttering high.

More importantly, I guess we all need to listen. To nature. To our dear ones. To music. To silence. And by the way, to a voice deep inside us!