To Come Back !

To continue imagining. To move. To be moved. To continue. To accept a hand in support. To support. To write. To learn. To listen. To move. To pray. To look. To soak up each moment. To laugh. To cry. To reach out. To hope. To renounce. To accept. To come back.

To stay renewed. To run. To Walk. To pause. To feel new wind. To absorb a new thought. To see new people. And their thoughts. To continue seeing ‘old’ people. And their thoughts in old and new light. To stay confident. To take on new responsibilities. To take on. To stay true to old values. To roll on. To come back.

To drive. To stay driven. To fix flats tyres. To wipe tears. To work out. To sweat out. To rediscover. To push. Yourself and others. To see a new day. To stay optimistic. To weather out old storms. To discover weak links and broader shoulders. To see discover new friends who stand by. To see new hope. To come back.

To reach out to elders. To read the lines. And between them too. To develop. To stay rooted. To reach for the stars. To discard. To pass out. To see the silver lining. To wince. To smile. To jump. To slouch. To click. To tweet. To look back. To create. To destroy. To exercise choice. To return. To stay renewed. To infuse new energy. To come back.

So much to say, that i am back.

Regular posts commence shortly. To all the voices of support, be it through inquiry, gentle nudges, screaming & massaged messages, a big thank you ! The world is still a beautiful place with beautiful people. Will catch up !

It feels nice. To think that tomorrow is going to be better. Of that there is no doubt. But it sure does feel good. To come back !