Virtual Reality : On Air !

So, it happened. ‘Kavis Musings’ gets some international recognition !

For some reason, this incident from my school days streams back to me as i type ‘international recognition’. When i was in school, every student worth the satchel and book wrapper wanted to be a doctor. Or an engineer. And of course, there were a clutchful of intemperate good-for-nothings ( GFN), who..obviously weren’t worth the satchel. Or the book wrapper. Of course, me included.

Studious Classmate : You know..his father is not only a doctor. He is a FRCS

Wannabe Studious Classmate : Wow !! Tell, me… What is FRCS ?

before Studious Classmate can answer….

A GFN that you know: ‘Foreign Returned Civil Surgeon’. It means he is a surgeon and he has visited Sri Lanka’

Coming back to the point Kavi’s Musings has some international recognition to it now ! I was on air speaking to residents of Canberra on this radio network. Now, now..really. I know what you are thinking. No. This is not a post with an ‘attempt at humour’ tag ! And i have proof. Ok ?

Recorded proof. Ok ?

For readers that are still reading..

Well, i was on Canberra’s air waves, talking about the Mumbai blasts. And there was Mark Parton, who found what i wrote as ‘intelligent & Optimistic’ quizzing me on how the Mumbai terror attack affected me and all of us here, how things were at the present moment, and some of our plans ! For an uninterrupted 6 – 8 minutes ! And all of this, just based on this blog and what i write here !

For me, it was an opportunity to convey to a different part of the world, a common man’s perspective of what we went through and what we are doing with it too ! At a personal level, it is indeed nice to know that what i write here in Kavis Musings resonates with people, many thousand miles away.

Geography has truly become history !

And it gives additional fuel to my belief that there are people across the world, who want things to be better for the world !! And the fight against terrorism and such other common travails are just not going to be battles that will rage on lonely fronts.

Whew. Did i make it sound like a Oscar winner’s poorly delivered acceptance speech !?!

Anyway, special thanks to Mark Parton for stumbling into me ! And connecting up and help reach out..! He said ( among the many other kind things ) … ‘i managed to chase up the guy that writes Kavis musings and he is on the phone with me..’ !

(Ooh. My shirt suddenly seems to fight a chest swell ! 🙂

And ah, just in case, you want more proof, or just want to hear a recording of the discussion, write to me !