Thinking outside the box !

“People keep telling us to “think outside of the box.” Unfortunately, this phrase has gotten so popular that it may, itself, no longer be outside of the box. Whats so terrible about boxes ? Pizzas come in boxes. So do presents and toys. Remember “Jac-in-the-box” ? That was a toy and a box. Whenever Jack jumped out of his box, it was terrifying. Jack couldnt wait to get out of the box. Probably people kept nagging him:”think outside of the box, Jack”

From the book “Naked at work ( and other fears). How to stay sane when your job drives you crazy” by Paul Hellman.

I was meeting a family who i have been long friends with at the bookstore at the Forum Mall. I picked up the book in a fit today. And have been having a good time with it. This creativity bit is being taken a bit too far. Everybody is doing the ‘creative thing these days. The average college goer, cuts off the silencer in his mobike and creates noise all around. Creative !

The CEOs wear different cartoons on their ties and think they are thinking out of the box. (I wanted to say out of their…wherever). Some cartoon thinks he is Out of the box and actually names his restaurant “Heil Hitler” ! Wow ! The TV channels want to show they are thinking out of the box, by showing war, movies and advertisements. What a way to drive us into some other box !

I thought more about it and read on. This piece was a must share for me.

” Toyota selected a new President recently. Whenver i read something like this, i fantasize – that could have been me. I ‘d like to think we’re all capable of doing more than we ever imagined.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the first president who’s not a member of the Toyoda family. Interesting. I too am not a member of the Toyoda family. Also, he is extremely thrifty. He turns off the lights before going out to lunch and has memoed employees about using less toilet paper.

(If thats what it takes to be president, i could do it too) I’d like to ask Toyota why i wasnt considered. “Well, lets see.” Thy’d say. “You are not Japanese. You have no automotive experience, and frankly, you dont drive well.”

Its always some flimsy excuse.”