The ‘Gods’ Must Be ‘Crazy’

Readers would be familiar with my previous posts on the monsoon.
But since then, the skies have been clear for the past week. I can spot the stars clearly. The drizzle is now a trickle. And every other Mumbaikar swearing that this is the worst Monsoon in a long while.

I was surprised that it had not caught the attention of the media, before i spotted this on CNN IBN

Am already worried. As i write, the rain gods seemed to have receeded further.

So, we are told that a small change of Rs.9 crores was offered for abstaining from voting. The media cares. The people stop, stare, converse animatedly and move on. The opposition crows that the battle is far from over. Etc etc etc etc

Amidst all this, the farmers in Mahrashtra & the rural hinterland plus a small dispensable set of people are worried more about another abstention.

The abstention of the rain Gods !