The busy times continue. Perhaps continue with an intensity that i havent known in recent times. Life goes on.

Right next to my workplace is a school, and a block away is a college. Occassionally i catch glimpses of life in ‘that’ world too. Not long ago, i was there, wanting to be a big man. Having the money, the freedom and the gadgets…

And now, i am a big man. The freedom has brought with it responsibility. ( well, i have some money and fewer gadgets ). Already, am not sure if this the ‘big’ man i so wanted to become is worth its time and while. My colleagues laugh at me, and call me the young grandpa, stating that these thoughts come in only when you are 60 !

I beg to disagree ! Life needs some purpose and sense of being. There are those that find that purpose in money. And there is nothing wrong with that. Its just that it doesnt appeal to me !

And then, i read a treasure, which seemed to connect somewhere. “If a man is falling out of line, maybe he is marching to a different beat” !

Well, maybe !

11 thoughts on “Marching

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well may be 🙂
    where do you get all these quotes?? 🙂

  2. Shiva says:

    That really a treasured thought! Priority is different for different people and it’s also in a constant flux for an individual too…. When the orbit changes, Sun is not the same!

  3. Keshi says:

    let ppl laugh at ya…but u r truly a rare in this world. Money doesnt appeal to me either, even tho I have it. Life is much more than just that.


  4. GuNs says:

    You mirror my thoughts. I keep thinking of all these things all the time and I wonder how others do not think of it. I mean, what I am doing at work now definitely isnt what I always dreamed to be when I grew into a ‘big man’. It seems like such a large compromise that I am doing with my life. Somehow I still hope I can change it someday. Somehow.


  5. a dynamic universe needs dynamic inhabitants. Look for the interesting stuff, turn some stones see new worlds. U are lving ur life sar. Enjoy!

  6. priya says:

    Hmm marching to a different beat is good if his/her dreams fulfilled.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You wrote my thoughts 🙂
    All of us I think at some point or the other get these thoughts. It depends how we take this thought forward….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Really identified with this… the only thing that holds one back is that everything in life is so intertwined… its like the old saying ‘everything affects everything’

  9. Swatantra says:

    The quote is well connecting… marching to the different tune..

    Opposite to my workplace is also school, I often go to the balcony and see kids playing.. Reminds me that i have grown big now… and of course freedom bought it with responsibility…

  10. sarr! its competition time. visit me blog!

  11. Kavi says:

    KK : Thanks ! I guess the quotes march by too !

    Shiva: Thats a nice way to put it ! Orbit shift !

    keshi: Yes ! theres much more to life than money ! 🙂

    Guns : Well, they say hope springs eternal ! I guess thats what keeps us all going !

    GP: Will check your blog out and comment ! But yes, dynamism adds spice !

    Priya: I guess the dreams do get fulfilled when you march to the beat that best suits you !

    Shark: Wish me luck !!

    Manu: well, thats so profound. Everything after all, affects everything !!! 🙂 Wow

    Swatantra: Well,the kids help me reminisce and connect!! Freedom to responsibility !

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