The busy times continue. Perhaps continue with an intensity that i havent known in recent times. Life goes on.

Right next to my workplace is a school, and a block away is a college. Occassionally i catch glimpses of life in ‘that’ world too. Not long ago, i was there, wanting to be a big man. Having the money, the freedom and the gadgets…

And now, i am a big man. The freedom has brought with it responsibility. ( well, i have some money and fewer gadgets ). Already, am not sure if this the ‘big’ man i so wanted to become is worth its time and while. My colleagues laugh at me, and call me the young grandpa, stating that these thoughts come in only when you are 60 !

I beg to disagree ! Life needs some purpose and sense of being. There are those that find that purpose in money. And there is nothing wrong with that. Its just that it doesnt appeal to me !

And then, i read a treasure, which seemed to connect somewhere. “If a man is falling out of line, maybe he is marching to a different beat” !

Well, maybe !