Dialing Leela Palace, Bangalore ! Click !

Been busy. Last week, I was in a workshop. The content of the workshop per se was interesting. It offered a new possibility of working with people and increasing effectiveness. I saw far greater potential in unearthing potential in people. In the long run.

This post is however, about something else. During each break, I was busy clicking photographs of the of Leela Palace, Bangalore. From my mobile phone. ( A Sony Ericson K 750 i). It was a satisfying experience to say the least.

The Leela Palace is a majestic place to look at. And its many contours came alive on my phone. From where I stood I could see the driveway below. And car after car pulled in and pulled out, I saw one man open doors for many a car.

He would salute with all the power that his moustache gave him. It made me wonder if he did it for a living or it was his passion I hardly saw him take a breather. When he did take one, my phone..eh..camera went to work.

This door looked imposing to say the least. Having walked through them many a time, I did not see the sheer structure until this time around. I guess all it takes to see a new picture is a fresh position. So is life !

The manicured greenery was immaculate. The lawn mower was at its noiseless best and the gardner was a nobody as he went about producing his eye-pleasers. ‘Immaculate’ doesn’t come out of nowhere. Someone has to work on it. Someone.

The arranged symmetry of this place caught my fancy. I was reading about “Planned Spontaneity” earlier. Exactly the words that rung in my ear as I saw this seating arrangement.

I liked the way the phone, doubled up as a camera. I guess the eyes were at work, more than the mouth !

9 thoughts on “Dialing Leela Palace, Bangalore ! Click !

  1. priya says:

    I guess the eyes were at work, more than the mouth !

    -I see that from your pics’ how busy you have been:) Nice pics and you did a good job!!!

    Now you are ready to take questions about Leela palace indeed.. Just kidding.

  2. I am amazed that you got such good snaps from a phone camera.. mine doesnt take pictures that good.

    great snaps.


  3. shark says:

    It pays to have a workshop in leela palace huh ;-)?

    One of my friends has his office in leela palace.. I envy him is quite obvious 🙂

  4. Deepti says:

    Nice place, I hope i’ll visit there soon sometime.

  5. Keshi says:

    WOW great pics of a great place!


  6. Jeevan says:

    Beautiful pics and good explanation! Your phone has good quality camera to capture.

  7. manuscrypts says:

    plaster of palace..or is it vice versa? 🙂

  8. Looks like you are utilising your phone for its value. I think my son too has the same model. On such occasions, the mobile phone camera comes handy.

    Nice pictures and unbelievable!

  9. nice hotel sar…the future will be defined by images more and words less. Nice isnt it.

    Sar…have some plants for Malaysia’s 50th and India’s 60th independence. Buzz me when u r free.

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