Sony Ericson

Dialing Leela Palace, Bangalore ! Click !

Been busy. Last week, I was in a workshop. The content of the workshop per se was interesting. It offered a new possibility of working with people and increasing effectiveness. I saw far greater potential in unearthing potential in people. In the long run.

This post is however, about something else. During each break, I was busy clicking photographs of the of Leela Palace, Bangalore. From my mobile phone. ( A Sony Ericson K 750 i). It was a satisfying experience to say the least.

The Leela Palace is a majestic place to look at. And its many contours came alive on my phone. From where I stood I could see the driveway below. And car after car pulled in and pulled out, I saw one man open doors for many a car.

He would salute with all the power that his moustache gave him. It made me wonder if he did it for a living or it was his passion I hardly saw him take a breather. When he did take one, my went to work.

This door looked imposing to say the least. Having walked through them many a time, I did not see the sheer structure until this time around. I guess all it takes to see a new picture is a fresh position. So is life !

The manicured greenery was immaculate. The lawn mower was at its noiseless best and the gardner was a nobody as he went about producing his eye-pleasers. ‘Immaculate’ doesn’t come out of nowhere. Someone has to work on it. Someone.

The arranged symmetry of this place caught my fancy. I was reading about “Planned Spontaneity” earlier. Exactly the words that rung in my ear as I saw this seating arrangement.

I liked the way the phone, doubled up as a camera. I guess the eyes were at work, more than the mouth !