Tamizh New Year ‘Wishes’

Today is Tamizh New Year !

May it herald new beginnings.

Prosperity. Fulfilment. Great Health. Peace all around. Contentment. Joy. Happiness. Great creativity. Fantastic Books. Wonderful blogs. Kind hearts. Productive activities. Warm fuzzy feelings. Holding hands. Break downs of walls and boundaries. A better life. A better earth.

A better tomorrow. All of us needed a beginning to make.

Lets make it now !

4 thoughts on “Tamizh New Year ‘Wishes’

  1. well said. lets make it now!


  2. priya says:

    Hey, finally you have music here. Rock it friend:)) My favorite coz it keeps me alive!!!

  3. the future is today, the blood is roaring, the days are renewed with hope.

  4. Shiva says:

    Too late to catch up on your posts! Let me start by wishing a belated Tamil New Year Wish

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