Yes Minister !

I read this in the morning, along with breakfast. It was in a way ,a little too much ! It was indeed a strange feeling !

Here was an article from a new biography of Condolezza Rice. On how Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz tried his best to impress her with “…rich baritone and charm”. While the entire article was amusing, i could have expected this getting written of a school / college boy trying his stunts. Not of a Prime Minister on the Secretary of State. That too of Pakistan on US, respectively ! Huh !

Sample this.

Aziz tried this Saville Row-suited gigolo kind of charm: Pakistan is a country of rich traditions, staring in Rice’s eyes,” the biography’s author, who is Newsweek chief of correspondents and senior editor Marcus Mabry, wrote”

“There was this test of wills where he was trying to use all his charm on her as a woman and she just basically stared him down. By the end of the meeting, he was babbling,” the newspaper quoted the author as writing.

All this is supposed to have happened in March ’05. Read on. “He bragged to Western diplomats, no less, that he could conquer any woman in two minutes,” says the biography “Twice as Good Condoleezza Rice and her path to power”, according to Pakistani daily Dawn. Huh !! HUH !

well, well, what could have been the objective ? Pakistan is afterall, already the trusted ally ! Give him more arms (pun not intended)? Well, whats with Ms. Rice ? I cant figure that too. But more importantly, i would like to figure out what kind of ‘rich traditions’ the Pakistanis have of staring in the eye and flooring people. If you have insights, please do share.

(I can only think of Saeed Anwar and Venkatesh Prasad staring into each others eyes in Bangalore ! But then,there again, it was Saeed Anwar who was floored). What could it be ? By the way a minister in his cabinet quit her post because a fatwa was issued against her. Because she happened to hug her para-glider coach who helped her para-glide for a good cause !

I wonder what the talibs, mullahs and moral police of the world are going to do now. Somebody just stopped milli inches short of labelling the Pak PM a gigolo. A Saville Row suited gigolo at that! Maybe they would force beards. Ban Saville Row. Ban English. Ban Baritones. Ban Condoleezza Rice ?

Or simpler. Ban rice !?!

I have for some time been wondering as to how George Bush could wink at the Queen, and be stared at for some time by Her Majesty !

Now i know. Perhaps !

18 thoughts on “Yes Minister !

  1. KK says:

    Ban Rice and chappati! 😀

    Hey Kavi, How you doing? Mez back after a hiatus 🙂

  2. Jeevan says:

    Hugging someone is that much wrong?! I feel if we have many laws (esp. religious law) for every activity it’s like snatching the freedom.

  3. shark says:

    ROTFL!!! 🙂

  4. we see and hear dumb people all the time…this is superb…hemm theyre gonna have another riot there!

  5. Swatantra says:

    Hi Kavi,

    You have an amazing quality of writing on anything and everything!!

    Bravo!! Keep it up!!

  6. Ban rice was good!


    I am sure they will ban gigolo’s!

  7. Kavi,

    Dumbos exist everywhere. But it is a shame to know that they exist at this level. Recently I had a lunch with few executives of a company, and surprised to know their most indecent table manners.

  8. priya says:

    A wink doesn’t help a country guy with a queen. When I watched it live, I never liked it. He is a president and he shud know what he does.

    Rice fills US bags and empty’s the nest of others.

  9. Keshi says:

    Too much Rice can be sickening.


  10. pria says:

    Kavi: Do you have feeds for your blog?

  11. Pooh says:

    Funny Funny!

  12. Kavi says:

    KK : Its been ages man! Welcome back. Missed you here

    Jeevan: Sometimes, the laws that are meant to protect can cause more harm and damage !

    Shark: I had a good time writing this piece as well ! As well as reading this. I almost spilled all my breakfast !!

    GP: God help them ! Hope its not an intense one at that.

    Swatantra: Thank you! Thanks for the words of encouragement. More important: thanks for reading !

    Sundar: I am not so sure !! 😉

    Balaji:Oh the dumbos in the corporate world. Tell me about it !! And the table manners..the manners here is : Anything goes as long as the food goes in 🙂

    Priya: Oh yes. he is the President. I guess somebody has to remind him and remind us all about it !

    Kesh: Yes. too much of anything can cause sickness too !

    Priya: Guide me to have one pls

    Pooh: Had good fun writing it too !

  13. pria says:

    Kavi: I asked you because the blogroll doesn’t get updated when someone updates their blog. If you have a feed, you can check in few sites and know when a reader updates.( bloglines, google reader so on)

    You can check blogline; feedburner; feedblitz; technorati; Digg; Delicious; Magnolia and so many more.

    If you are totally new, try t check my blog CREDITS and look for Deepa who is a techie in this. Visit her and she has all the info or just email her and she will help you further.

  14. pria says:

    Kavi: I didn’t know you have Technorati.
    I also did a typo error in GR and it said you have no feeds. Ooopsy:(
    Instead of typing kavis.. I missed the “s” part and gave error.

  15. Kavi says:

    Priya : I cant thank you enough for your questions and suggestions. Yes i did have Technocrati but then didnt quite know much about feeds.

    I did not know anything of technology beyond MS Word, before being initiated into the world of blogs. And its been a steady process of making mistakes and discovering new results and victories. thanks to people like you !

    I discovered Deepa’s place, thanks to your suggestion and discovered quite a few things from there on.

    I also managed to get the ‘subscribe to this blog’ option which i have been wondering how to get on.

    I greatly appreciate your insights and love the fact that we are able to connect despite geographies ! Thanks a ton once again !

  16. pria says:

    Kavi: No probs’ at all. Just go to and register. From ther you can learn a lot and incluse such tags in your blog.

  17. Shiva says:

    That’s witty. Thanks for sharing. Not sure if Pak has such a rich tradition, India definitely has, starting right from JN:)

    May be the, the itch to dicover, doesn’t spare the diplomats too.

  18. Sriram says:

    It wasn’t Saeed Anwar but Aamir Sohail who stared at Venkatesh Prasad in that historic Bangalore one-dayer.

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