Myth Breaking.

“French media reported that President Nicolas Sarkozy is romancing supermodel-turned-pop singer Carla Bruni, just two months after his divorce.Bruni, 38, and Sarkozy, 52, were recently photographed together at the Disneyland theme park near Paris.The couple made little apparent attempt to hide the fact that they were there together, though none of the photos showed them any closer than shoulder-to-shoulder.

As i read this in the hustle bustle of a ‘readying-to-go-to-work-early-morning’, i looked into thin air in disbelief. That was path breaking to say the least.

For a minute, imagine all what would have happened in India. Imagine the president / prime minister of India.

a. Divorcing ( their respective spouses).
b. And then being seen with a glam boy / girl
c. in DISNEY LAND !!!

I shudder to think of what would happen to all the TV news channels. By Mickey, what news will they BREAK ? What would come of Disney land ? Of Parliament on morality (sic) ! Newspapers will have extra pages so much so a couple of forests will disappear !! …As my imagination was running riot, i suddenly realised that i was late and had to hurry.

Of the many paths and myths Sarkozy broke, the biggest was on ‘Time Management’. You know what i mean..

Yes Minister !

I read this in the morning, along with breakfast. It was in a way ,a little too much ! It was indeed a strange feeling !

Here was an article from a new biography of Condolezza Rice. On how Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz tried his best to impress her with “…rich baritone and charm”. While the entire article was amusing, i could have expected this getting written of a school / college boy trying his stunts. Not of a Prime Minister on the Secretary of State. That too of Pakistan on US, respectively ! Huh !

Sample this.

Aziz tried this Saville Row-suited gigolo kind of charm: Pakistan is a country of rich traditions, staring in Rice’s eyes,” the biography’s author, who is Newsweek chief of correspondents and senior editor Marcus Mabry, wrote”

“There was this test of wills where he was trying to use all his charm on her as a woman and she just basically stared him down. By the end of the meeting, he was babbling,” the newspaper quoted the author as writing.

All this is supposed to have happened in March ’05. Read on. “He bragged to Western diplomats, no less, that he could conquer any woman in two minutes,” says the biography “Twice as Good Condoleezza Rice and her path to power”, according to Pakistani daily Dawn. Huh !! HUH !

well, well, what could have been the objective ? Pakistan is afterall, already the trusted ally ! Give him more arms (pun not intended)? Well, whats with Ms. Rice ? I cant figure that too. But more importantly, i would like to figure out what kind of ‘rich traditions’ the Pakistanis have of staring in the eye and flooring people. If you have insights, please do share.

(I can only think of Saeed Anwar and Venkatesh Prasad staring into each others eyes in Bangalore ! But then,there again, it was Saeed Anwar who was floored). What could it be ? By the way a minister in his cabinet quit her post because a fatwa was issued against her. Because she happened to hug her para-glider coach who helped her para-glide for a good cause !

I wonder what the talibs, mullahs and moral police of the world are going to do now. Somebody just stopped milli inches short of labelling the Pak PM a gigolo. A Saville Row suited gigolo at that! Maybe they would force beards. Ban Saville Row. Ban English. Ban Baritones. Ban Condoleezza Rice ?

Or simpler. Ban rice !?!

I have for some time been wondering as to how George Bush could wink at the Queen, and be stared at for some time by Her Majesty !

Now i know. Perhaps !

Writing on the wall !

Read on..
Sayeed David (R) proposes to his girlfriend Shella Thomas (L) via a giant video screen (top) at the launch of a new interactive media service where people will be able to text messages directly onto the giant screen in Melbourne’s Federartion Square, 15 May 2007. Thankfully she accepted the proposal, the first of hopefully many more proposals in the Square that attracts more than eight million visitors a year.

That was interesting. To say the least. I cant imagine myself saying that on a wide screen. But then i am not Mr. Sayeed David. Nor do we have such facilities available here. Not yet. Ok, i guess i will stick to blaming technology not being available here !

We seem to be arching our backs to do something different. Something offbeat. I have in the past read about under-water marriages. Marriages of convenience. Diplomatic proposals. Indecent proposals. Marriages in mid air. Divorces over phone calls and media interviews Proposals from the earth’s poles etc ! But a proposal through a giant screen in a public square…well, first time.

In our worlds where arranged marriages still rule, such propositions can be ‘offbeat’ to put it mildly. But whats more important, is Ms.Shella Thomas agreed. And hopefully live happily ever after ! And by the way, these folks are the first. And it is expected many more will follow suit !

What can we say. Congratulations Mr. Sayeed, you scripted your own writing. And now your writing is on the wall. Well, err..on the billboard!!