Writing on the wall !

Read on..
Sayeed David (R) proposes to his girlfriend Shella Thomas (L) via a giant video screen (top) at the launch of a new interactive media service where people will be able to text messages directly onto the giant screen in Melbourne’s Federartion Square, 15 May 2007. Thankfully she accepted the proposal, the first of hopefully many more proposals in the Square that attracts more than eight million visitors a year.

That was interesting. To say the least. I cant imagine myself saying that on a wide screen. But then i am not Mr. Sayeed David. Nor do we have such facilities available here. Not yet. Ok, i guess i will stick to blaming technology not being available here !

We seem to be arching our backs to do something different. Something offbeat. I have in the past read about under-water marriages. Marriages of convenience. Diplomatic proposals. Indecent proposals. Marriages in mid air. Divorces over phone calls and media interviews Proposals from the earth’s poles etc ! But a proposal through a giant screen in a public square…well, first time.

In our worlds where arranged marriages still rule, such propositions can be ‘offbeat’ to put it mildly. But whats more important, is Ms.Shella Thomas agreed. And hopefully live happily ever after ! And by the way, these folks are the first. And it is expected many more will follow suit !

What can we say. Congratulations Mr. Sayeed, you scripted your own writing. And now your writing is on the wall. Well, err..on the billboard!!