A dream and a prayer ! Welcome ’09

Clicked in Mumbai. Dec 2008

So lets welcome 2009.

Numerous SMS messages pour in. There are enterprises ranging from the odd peddler in the street corner, to the ones who peddle street corners, making noise about the new year. And making that extra effort to wish ‘You’ a very happy new year !

Amidst all that melee and din there is a quieter wish on this blog too. Shouting without speaking. Letting you know of a sincere prayer with all the strength that i can muster : A wish for a year which sees oodles of happiness and seas of fulfillment.

A prayer from the heart, for reason to prevail on you and me. And every inhabitant of this planet and other planets too. For peace to become a permanent coating on all our walls. A wish escapes from the soul, for sensitivity to the person next door. However similar or otherwise he is.

May there be abundance of health and cheer in your life. And may it travel far and wide, and become the only permeable infection in this world. And may there be no antidote that found for that infection !

May there be peace. May goodness be your permanent companion and fairness be your passport to higher orders. And let challenge and strength stretch us all and grow our shoulders.

May there be laughter. Dance. May there be reading. And writing. And a constant strife. To take civilisation forward.

May your children grow strong. Drawing strength from the resolve of your character rather than the strength of your bank balance. May they learn to see, understand, and appreciate that competition is not the end. But perhaps a means to an end.

May your worlds emerge from more clearer,when you take stock at the end of the year. And may they resonate with a spirit of having made an impact on a few lives. Or just going about what you do well, with character and honesty.

Clicked in Mumbai. Dec ’08

And when we close the year, with an honest years effort, may colour make its presence felt. May the brotherhood of man break every boundary possible. And may your joys multiply.

That may seem a tall order to you. But that’s my dream. And my prayer. For me. And for you. And for our collective future !

Wishing you the happiest of years yet ! Here’s to a great 2009 !!

This post concludes the four part series titled Defining Images ’08 !

17 thoughts on “A dream and a prayer ! Welcome ’09

  1. Braja says:

    Happy new year Kavi!!!

  2. Pearl says:

    As long as there are people like you, Kavi, not only striving for these things but articulating them so well, then there is hope.

    I am grateful to have found your post.

    To a peaceful new year,
    your friend in Minnesota,

  3. Neelakantan says:

    Nice one. You have talent buddy 🙂

  4. Well said, Kavi. And here’s wishing you and yours, across India, a very happy, safe and healthy new year…

  5. Arif Vakil says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to place a comment on your blogpost. Each one has really amazing pics with simply brilliant writing. Keep posting, Kavi!

  6. Arif Vakil says:

    I’m almost embarrassed to place a comment on your blogpost. Each one has really amazing pics with simply brilliant writing. Keep posting, Kavi!

  7. Cris says:

    Happy New Year Kavi. Nice post.

  8. manuscrypts says:

    a happy new year to you kavi 🙂

  9. Kavi says:

    Braja : Thank you ! Wishing you the same and more !

    Pearl : those were kind words. And i am humbled by the comments that are left behind..! One such is this ! I can only say..thank you. and its a treat to read what you write as well !

    Ugich Konitari : Thank you ! Wishing you the same and much more !

    Arif Vakil : Well..now, i am slightly embarrassed to respond to that comment ! Well..i am very humbled. And you are very kind. Thank you very much !

    Cris : Thank you ! Wishing you the same and more

    manuscyrpts : Wishing you the same and more Manu !:)

  10. Happy new year to you, too. You have a way with words, and with thoughts, too. Let there be more of your very readable and think-worthy posts.

  11. Happy New Year sir.

    a good post to read to user in the new year, hope our dreams come alive in this new dawn. our efforts will be justified by time and by the people we inspire. you always do. and we will soon for everyone. 🙂

  12. Ganesh says:

    Dear Kavi,

    Wishing you and the missus a Very Happy, Prosperous, Peaceful and Healthy New Year.


  13. nsiyer says:

    Let me at the outset thank for you a great relationship since I had the previlege to know you. It has only me growing better each day, and I having become wiser. Did you notice it?

    I join in your silent prayer but alongwith it will like to ensure it echoes. May your dreams be realised.

    I liked the line ‘For peace to become a permanent coating on all our walls’. You have assimilated Asian Paints well and that’s good news. Take care and all the best for 2009 and the years to come.

  14. thathasthu!

    may your wishes come true.


  15. ashok says:

    happy new year kavi…
    btw, beautiful fotos:)

  16. Kavi says:

    Sucharita : Thank You ! Yes..i would endeavour to keep posting more. Happy New year !! Lets stay connected !

    GP :Thank You ! All the best for a great year to you too !

    Ganesh : Wishing you a happy new year too !!

    NS Iyer : Sir, i am humbled by all your words. I will strive to keep at it. and it indeed is a privelege to share the association with you !

    Sundar : 🙂 Yes..may they come true !!

    Ashok : Thank you ! Ashok..and if you say..beautiful fotos…well, thats coming from a master !! So, am delighted !! Happy new year !

  17. Jeevan says:

    Meaningful pictures for a newly dawn and loved the way you wished all dear 🙂 lets our dream exist I pray.

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