Stomach Vision !

Metaphors occupy my thoughts these days. Its almost becoming an obsession. Looking at any object and thinking up a connection is having a soothing impact. (Well, in the silence of my own self, affording a laugh at best and a smirk at worst ! )

Strange things are happening to the world you see and there are first steps to everything. My approaching delirium included. ( Read more about delirium here. Incase any of you wants to check…No. Not a self check. Of course not..! Someone you know…!)

Anyway, in this current state of mind, I looked at this picture and recall a Bangalore evening. And methinks of sharing my thought & checking out my delirium quotient !!

Just outside the Cosmopolitan Mall in Bangalore, they had this giant ‘puppet’ that walked the entrances when we were there, a couple of years back. I am told that they did this to sustain interest from shoppers and increase foot falls !

Entertaining children and therefore relieving parents! The young impressionable minds saw this ‘larger than life’ colorful & powerful object that moved around and resembled a human form, with, to put it mildly, a certain degree of large awe and some joy.

So, they clapped aloud. Smiled. Laughed aloud. And kept standing wide eyed at the sight of this large wooden lady that went from one end to another.

Some children ventured near ‘her’ and ‘she’ would come close or go farther away, and children obviously would go ga-ga, that this huge figure was after all responding to them and their moves !

It was an interesting exchange of sorts! Between children of all hue and the puppet.

Parents stood by the side. Fully aware that the puppet was moved around by a small man with stilt legs standing inside ! Moved around, powered by the eyes in the tummy

Yes..those peep holes in the tummy of the puppet which were the see-holes through which the small man inside was using to move around with.

Seeing the world & those children. Their laughter and their moves et al. And making his moves, while we stood there and let the children have all the fun !!

So there was a

a. Wooden but very colourful structure
b. Seemed larger than life
c. Was actually a small, ordinary person inside
d. Attracted and plays with / to impressionable minds
e. Had stomach vision..( saw all activities through an eye in the stomach…)

Without a tilt of a head or a shake of a finger i shout : politicians of the world !!

But as i said, i concede, mine is a mind that is beginning to indicate onset of progressive delirium. At least that’s what i make of the look people give me these days. So, do let me know, how close or how far away i am.

From delirium that is !

11 thoughts on “Stomach Vision !

  1. nsiyer says:

    Your keen sense of observation fascinates me.Where all do you look, Kavi? Morever the title is interesting.

  2. Braja says:

    Stomach vision is one thing, but your vision on that is another! Another typically unique Kavi posting 😉

  3. manju says:

    If this is delirium, Kavi, at least it is a very, very, unique delirium!

    Wonderful post with an uncommon slant! 🙂

  4. Kavi says:

    NSI : Thank you…! I looked at the stomach…because it was a puppet. Seriously. Thats not where i look usually 🙂

    Braja : Thank you ! Seems like my posts are getting a character. A delirious character of sorts !!

    Manju : Thank you..! I am beginning to see…


  5. Nachi says:

    hehehe! i see a visionary here…not a delirious chap!!

    forget ‘metaphors’, let us speak of ‘pun’ or ‘irony’…and maybe ‘ogling’ while we are at it!


  6. Sujatha says:

    Gosh! I woulda seen the puppet and seen a … puppet! But I see where you’re coming from. And since I don’t consider myself delirious, I wouldn’t consider you delirious either.

  7. Just a thought –

    If the puppet
    Has a stomach upset
    Will the vision
    be affected?

    No, seriously, i have often wondered at the world-view of people walking on stilts, and at the conversations kids have with the McDonald’s Ronald-puppet.

  8. Delirium approaching. I’d take that over missing the playground or not stopping to ride the carousel. I wonder that too, if I’m delirious that is, when I see rainbows in leaves as the sun shines through or contemplate the microorganisms that live in the damp cracks of the cobble stone street.

  9. In that case, delirium is human, should I say! Really, kudos to yr observation- cum- imagination! Have you considered writing a poem about the same topic?

  10. Kavi says:

    Nachi : Ogling politicians !! Hmm !! Nachi you have some sense of humour


    Sujata : Thank you !! Well, you know, such reaffirmations that i am not alone help


    Sucharita : Ah ! Yes !! Stilt Vision is interesting..!! I am sure tehre is a post coming from you on this !!

    Strange Pilgram : Ah ! Ok. Do they say twos company !!?! 🙂

    Naperville Mom : Thank you !! Poem..hmm..i will get one out !! And let you know too !!

  11. Jeevan says:

    uncertain women!

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