The Sun.

The sun has been an object of great intrigue, wonder and inspiration for me. And it is the sun which i have turned to, to get myself going. It is the sun that warms my skin in the chill and drives me cracking during the summer.

And in its many hues, it paints many pictures for me. When the mood is not upbeat, like now. Or when things can be better than what they are, the sun inspires.

Somehow, a bright sunny day, is something that i have come to like. Especially so in January ! Here are some pictures of the Sun ! All clicked with an amateurish tilt ! Do bear with me.

Snap : 1

I clicked this sitting on the passenger seat. The sun was rapidly sinking. So was the battery in the camera. And when i thought that the battery was completely dead, the sun appeared right ahead. With all the glory of a techni colour sun set, i rued the low battery but placed emphasis on hope.

I clicked, praying that i would get a shot. The camera went dead. But later, i did find that the sun god seemed to have answered my prayer !

Snap Series – II

This was an amazing evening. A little weary i watched the sun set from my home. It was actually setting beyond a thick black set of clouds. And just as i thought the sun had set, a part of it reappeared from below a cloud.

For a split second i thought it was a miracle, before realising what indeed was happening !

Snap – III

I finished a day long meeting at a hotel. And with a wistful glance into sky, i felt restive. Perhaps the meeting could have gone better, i thought. And then, there was this red ball of a sun.

In the line of my sight were electric transmission wires and paper wastes that had settled on them. But the backdrop provided by the sun seemed to obscure everything else ! And suddenly the waste didn’t seem to matter. For some strange reason, i felt better.

That was the sun.

I am told that it is pretty cold in many parts of the world right now. I hope the images of the sun provides some relief !!

PS : Do you think i am becoming sadist or something ?!?

16 thoughts on “The Sun.

  1. The sun will always shine lol
    the birds will always sing lmao,
    Wherever there’s fun there’s always the real thing rofl

    Coca cola is ALWAYS the one,
    Wherever there’s fun there’s ALWAYS coca cola!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roffle McWaffle!!!!!

  2. the snaps are too beautiful sir, you have a true eye on the beauties of this universe 🙂 snap II is excellent.

    and snap III reminded me of sunrise in madurai 🙂

  3. I’m more envious than relieved right now.

    well, you’re excused this time. Hope to see the regular stuff soon:)

  4. Kavi,

    I have got used to be without SUN after coming to UK. When we fly back on holidays, after the plane reaches Middle east we feel that the sun is at its full. We can easily find the differences when we land in Chennai. It is all nice for few hours and once when our clothes stick to our skin we start feeling the irritation. On the whole, SUN gives us plenty of energy. We get charged when we see SUN here during Summer. Even my kids show interest in knowing the weather forecast. If it is SUNNY all are happy, and if it is not it is gloomy. East or West, SUN is the best.

  5. Aleta says:

    I absolutely love that firt shot – the sun is radiant and golden! Oh my! What a gift to take that picture and on a low battery at that.

    And wow to the second series ~ it looks like poetry in motion!

    Like you, I enjoy taking pictures of sunrise and sunset. During my honeymoon I have a couple of shots with sunsets behind the mountains.

    And… just yesterday, as I was leaving the office, I made a U-turn, waiting for traffic so I could merge and viola ~ the sun was in my sight, hanging on to my right shoulder, as if saying, “snap this now.”

    So I did (I keep my tiny camera in my purse) and now you have me wondering how that picture came out!

  6. Braja says:

    Now i’ll be singing George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” all day….:)

  7. how did you get a band of clouds exactly between the sun?

    dont laugh.. it reminded me of a person who put kumkum first and then vibhuthi on top..


  8. Kavi turned photographer.
    But I say you should think of serious journalism with photography as I find you good.
    Think about it !

  9. manju says:

    Specially loved the second series of pictures showing the sun coming out from under the clouds.

    The sun has a special place in the hearts of Indians, doesn’t it? Our sages in ancient times used to offer ‘Pranam’ to the rising Sun at dawn.

  10. World looks different from your camera. Which one is that?

  11. nsiyer says:

    Kavi. Amazing photographs.You are able to see what we miss. Probably, its true in other facets of life also.

  12. The snaps were awesome!

    i’m a sun-person completely, and a cloudy day makes for a grumpy me.

  13. Great pictures. But tell me, in the snap series II, are we seeing the effects of the Mumbai Pollution , or is it that your camera has a human dimension to it, that allows it to function is less energy? The sun, despite all these things, continues to shine through. And thats what life is all about….

  14. Kavi says:

    Julian Meteor : Welcome here..i guess the connection is in your name..!! Hmm

    GP : Thank you..anything reminds of Madurai..!! 🙂

    Naperville Mom : Message recorded Roger !! The regular stuff will return !! 🙂

    Balaji : How are you…long time ! yes. East or West, the sun rules ! And that itch you get…thats so true. But still the jan sun, is super cool. What say !

    Aleta : ah ! I seem to have company. I would look forward to have that snap published..!! And thank you..i am glad you liked them !!

    Braja : Ah..there is a song in the wind..right under the sun !

    Sundar : Ah..i didnt think of that. I really didnt !! Hmm. Interesting !!

    Hobo : thank you ! that is an ooption, that many a reader has suggested to me now…and i sure will think !! Thank you !!!

    Manju : Thank you. is a venerated object. isnt it !>!

    Vivek : Sir, you sure are pulling my leg !! Lest it not be the is a Canon !

    NS Iyer : Thank you sir !

    Sucharita : Thank you ! And same here..!!

    Ugich Konitari : The pollution quotient continues to shine and so does the sun ! And the camera’s only human dimension rests on one word ‘HOPE’ and yes..thats the story !!

  15. Suma says:

    those were indeed splendid snaps…esp snap series II

  16. Jeevan says:

    Wow those awesome sun setting snaps. My favorites are snap II. Whatever, we need the sun for energy. In vacation to hill stations, sun is the only hope warmth. Its very interesting to read ur every post buddy!!

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