The Sun.

The sun has been an object of great intrigue, wonder and inspiration for me. And it is the sun which i have turned to, to get myself going. It is the sun that warms my skin in the chill and drives me cracking during the summer.

And in its many hues, it paints many pictures for me. When the mood is not upbeat, like now. Or when things can be better than what they are, the sun inspires.

Somehow, a bright sunny day, is something that i have come to like. Especially so in January ! Here are some pictures of the Sun ! All clicked with an amateurish tilt ! Do bear with me.

Snap : 1

I clicked this sitting on the passenger seat. The sun was rapidly sinking. So was the battery in the camera. And when i thought that the battery was completely dead, the sun appeared right ahead. With all the glory of a techni colour sun set, i rued the low battery but placed emphasis on hope.

I clicked, praying that i would get a shot. The camera went dead. But later, i did find that the sun god seemed to have answered my prayer !

Snap Series – II

This was an amazing evening. A little weary i watched the sun set from my home. It was actually setting beyond a thick black set of clouds. And just as i thought the sun had set, a part of it reappeared from below a cloud.

For a split second i thought it was a miracle, before realising what indeed was happening !

Snap – III

I finished a day long meeting at a hotel. And with a wistful glance into sky, i felt restive. Perhaps the meeting could have gone better, i thought. And then, there was this red ball of a sun.

In the line of my sight were electric transmission wires and paper wastes that had settled on them. But the backdrop provided by the sun seemed to obscure everything else ! And suddenly the waste didn’t seem to matter. For some strange reason, i felt better.

That was the sun.

I am told that it is pretty cold in many parts of the world right now. I hope the images of the sun provides some relief !!

PS : Do you think i am becoming sadist or something ?!?