Off Rice !

For some time now, i have been off rice. I can see the eye brows arch and the quizzical looks come up your face. In yet others, i know ‘there-is-no-limit-to-fibbing’ look on faces. You know, my weight has been bothering me for a while now. Yes. One of those numbers.
But hey, the essence is this : I really am off rice. That is a Himalayan peak to climb for a Southerner like me. Who believed that Eve felled Adam with rice. And the Western world chose to call it apple, because it would be easy to hold !

Today, when rice is served on the lunch counter, i turn away with a speed that would shame a north Korean missile. Lest i change my mind. The change of mind does happens Occasionally. But OCCASIONALLY. OK ?

To stay away from rice is a huge struggle. And that is an understatement. Rotis and Brown Bread can sound fancy to the health conscious world and the dietitian, but nothing comes close to ploughing your fingers through Sambhar laden rice.

And it is in such times, that i feel that the world conspires to test my resolve. It starts with the person at the lunch counter serving food at the office canteen. “Sir, some rice for you. It goes well the Dal”. And i look at him with a ‘when-did-they-find-that’ look, hoping that he would stop right there. He doesn’t. And you know what happens.

And now you have branded rice. This is a huge sack of rice. Yes. Raw rice, to be more precise to be cooked. In smaller instalments. Thank God for small mercies. This brand of rice is called.. ‘Golden Pari’ ! ( Golden Fairy). And has a bollywood heroine in dream sequence, with wings et al, as a brand logo.

Ok. Ok. a nameless Angel. OK ? And she is a symbol of purity. I see it as part of a global conspiracy. To test my rice resolve.

Yes sure. The women that i hold dear have used my alimentary canal as additional artillery. Well, I mean, my missus, mother and mother-in-law are all golden paris….. But you know, rice has stayed mainstream.

The problem really, is the pleasure in eating more and not knowing when to stop. There is a sudden urge to throw the chap who connected rice and carbohydrate to G20 protesters. Huh.

Rice. Rice. The damn thing sits for two minutes on the lips and for a life time on the hips. Sigh.

And No. I am not giving up. I am still off rice.

25 thoughts on “Off Rice !

  1. ♥ Braja says:

    Kavi, it was lovely to hear from you today and the other days you commented…I wanted so much to write and tell you thank you for your loving care and affection, which healed Jahnu and I so swiftly, seriously…the collective care and love from so many around the world gave us such strength. We are blessed that you visit and leave your care in words… thank you, so much

  2. Niru says:

    NO RICE!


    Connecting eating rice with obesity is a myth.(we both know who started that rumour!)

    Ok. I might not be the right role model for rice rich diet and good health. (How about Shilpa shetty? I heard she eats rice)

    Are you sure you want to do this?


    Its really bothering me.

    I want to warn you … Goddess of rice will be so offended.

  3. Life is full of sugar and spice,
    And several veggies are really nice,
    But i give my solemn word
    Nothing beats rice and curd
    In this heat; Kavi , get back to rice…..

    I am just curious. Are you off idlis and dosas too ? And did you start this abstention after your Madurai trip, after enjoying the good stuff there ? Do you sink into Sambar in your dreams ?….

  4. shark says:

    he he.. I also tried that some years back and man it can work wonders!
    But then I was so rice-starved… and i never felt i had a complete meal till i had atleast a “little” curd rice.
    Though it is the best diet to stay off rice.. I only wish I could do it!

  5. Niru says:

    Am back…she made me…you know the goddess of rice (ya she looked exactly like the lady in the picture). Came to me in my dreams and asked me to ask you ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP…

    Jeera(Cumin) Rice …Peas Pulav
    Vegetable Pulav …Mint Pulav
    Vegetable Biryani…Lemon Rice
    Coconut Rice…Carrot Rice …Mango Rice …Tomato Rice
    Tamarind Rice…Green/spring Onion Rice ….Peas & Cheese Pilaf
    Yogurt Rice…Tomato Pilaf
    Cauliflower & Mint Pilaf…Bell Pepper,lemon & Coconut Rice…Herb Mushroom Rice …Cashew Rice …Fruit & Nut Rice

    I have asked her to visit you directly and leave me alone.I am a true devotee for life.

  6. Salute you, kavi sir:) Off rice haan? That’s a temptation I can never overcome… and what is life, after all, without some good rice- sambaar, gosht biryani, veg pulao…that reminds me, I’ve some fresh chicken biryani waiting for me. Sorry, gotta go;)

  7. Ranu says:

    All the best and let me know if it works!!!

  8. oh come on! Stay off rice and hog on the ghee and aachar, right?!
    Just destarch the rice, measure it in one MEDIUM size bowl and eat!! You know the more you restrain yourself from anything, the more you will crave for it, right?! So those occasional diversions will become more and more frequent till you drive yourself beserk!!

  9. Sajan says:

    I hate rice. I wish i can join you. I tried staying away from rice. But my wife is totally against it.

  10. nsiyer says:

    Off rice, so nice. Kavi, a quintessential Southie should never quiver looking at rice. Just hog, and jog a little more. Its directly proportional.

  11. Lakshmi says:

    I need a cup of curd rice a day..besides that I can manage

  12. I hear your plight Kavi. From my western point of view, rice is better than Wonder Bread White, and I’ve given up bread in favor of brown and wild rice, but we all have our rices, er I mean, vices.

    (ps… all is well, thanks 😉

  13. Kavi quitting rice is the simplest thing for someone to do in life….just dont think of ‘RICE’…thats it as simple as that….

    Good – now I get a call from my better half…white/ soft/ boiled rice is ready for me with meen kozhambu & pickles & curd…leme go…

    Remember u dont think of RICE thats all…as zimble as that…

  14. SGD says:

    Off rice?????!!!!!
    have planned to do it many a time…but a Bong & rice go hand in hand and hence…..
    Loads of rice on the lips and oodles of kilos on the hips!!! :(((

  15. tina says:

    For weight loss, one should reduce the quantity of fatty & starchy foods. Stop eating rice is a little harsh on yourself.You never know there could be some minerals & vitamins that might not be replaced by other foods that you eat.

  16. amreekandesi says:

    I just had dinner of rice with a nice dal (which i cooked, by the way).

    It was great, but i won’t say that. (You know…don’t want to shake your resolve!)

  17. manju says:

    Lol, Kavi- let us know how long you succeed in staying off rice!

    “Two minutes on the lips and lifetime on the hips..”- hilarious!

  18. Jeevan says:

    The physical movements that used to exit the remaining calories are stopped by our life style and career, pushed into change in food habit. That wants us to off rice. More than rice there are more stuff to make survive and health, I agree.

  19. gauri says:

    I tried that once. But instead of totally quitting, I’d take 2-3 tablespoons of rice in a bowlful of dal or yogurt. If you start that way, you still get that ‘satisfaction’ and you won’t miss it when you eventually stop. I agree w/Roshni, don’t stop completely.


  20. Kavi says:

    Braja : Thank you ! You are in our thoughts !

    Niru : We have talked enough about this. But your game plan is seen through. the goddess visited me as well !

    Ugich Konitari : I must get back to Limerickwala with gusto. I have been missing the space.

    I will tactfully avoid the question on idlis and dosas ! Sigh. You catch me. As usual !

    Shark : The problem is really…that that ‘little’ doesnt stay little for me ! 🙂

    Naperville Mom : Now. Now. Now. This is too much. Ok. Ok. I am strong ok !?! Hope you enjoy the rice. I am off it! 😉

    Ranu : Sure will. Sure will

    Roshini : the problem is in stopping. Stopping is the problem !!! 🙂

    Sajan : My wife is against it too. But i manage. I can see you smile and tell yourself : Tall story ! but really !!

    Iyer and higher !! Sir its catching on. Hog and Jog !!! Thats a stupendous title !!

    Lakshmi : Welcome here. A cup of curd rice ! You are so lucky ! With that level of control

    Christine : I guess the problem is the same everywhere ! In different forms though ! Hmm !!

    Chandramoorthy : May peace be upon you sir ! May peace be upon you !

    SGD : So does a Tamil !! Atleast i have company !! 🙂

    Tina : Yes…thanks. I must follow this. This seems to be a generic thing that all of you are telling me…hmm !

    Amreekandesi : Thank you. Thank you very much. May the goddess of rice send you free samples ! 🙂

    Manju : sure i will ! Sure i will !

    Jeevan : This calorie business is killing ! What say !?!

    Gauri : Yes..Yess. will follow that..I hope i stop with that 2-3 spoons.. !

  21. Priya says:

    Shud I say will power or the media like ghajini or srk showing off those toning muscles. Well whatever u do take it one at a time. Stopping off just like that all of a sudden not ok too until it works for you.

    I believe in exercise and light dinner at night than eating too much before u go to bed.

  22. Farting Pen says:

    Dude… even I stopped eating rice… and i can clearly understand what you must have gone through, cuz my entire life has revolved around rice, boiled rice, basmathi rice, etc… from sweet dishes to snacks to ‘tiffins’ to meals to lunch boxes to breakfasts to dinners to midnight snacks… all rice, all rise…

    after shifting to chapathis, which was after i put on 23 kilos in 1 year (yes, i did.) no matter how much i eat, the full-fill-ment of a meal never is there.

    I mean, South Indians were supposed to be dark. They are supposed to eat rice. That’s the law of the land.

    Anyways, coming back to the point, after a month of quitting rice (the time frame where i gymmed and also cut down heavily on whyskey (sob!)), i can proudly say that i am lighter by 3 kilos. Just 20 more to go. and i guess with the same routine, i’ll get there before i am 29. :-/

    Anyways, good luck with your off-rice resolve!! You aren’t alone in this world, you know?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I mean, South Indians were supposed to be dark. They are supposed to eat rice. That’s the law of the land.

    How rude, mean and discriminating people on color???

  24. SSQuo says:

    Thats a toughie to say away from, especially if you love your Sambhar and rice! We buy Tilda rice, and yes are quite used to branded rice, I think thats the only one available. I totally hear ya on the staying on the hips bit, lol, but what do I do, I can’t eat whole wheat bread, so rice it must be. I do commend you for staying off it, I’m sure the hips and tummy is responding with positive responses?

  25. Neelakantan says:

    Kavi, Kavi, rice is not the culprit – not at all. Heres what worked for me…

    Ensure that your activity level goes up. 30-40 mns each day – a brisk walk, a jog, anything…

    Cut junk, all sorts of fried food, biscuits, even bread – anything that contains hydrogenated oil. Ditto for sugar – including juices with sugar. (Well, indulge once in a while)

    Get rid/Reduce of white rice, but swap it with parboiled red rice or unpolished rice.

    Increase leaves in your diet – palak types and have it 2-3 times a week.

    It works. Indeed has worked beautifully for me…

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