Himalayan Heights !

the Bhaktapur valley

This blog is almost a becoming a travel blog of sorts ! Truth be told, travel inspires me like none else. New sights, people and cultures that are different than the ones that I am familiar with hold a certain intangible temptation that wafts in and stays put.

So much so, several readers write in to ask, if I travel for a living! How I wish. I am indebted to all those readers, for it is that precise question that helped in the hastening of the realisation that my writing flows with ease when I write on my travels. A certain sense of indefatigable urge to share of the places that are looked at with a new set of eyes and hoping perhaps that it could kindle a possible reader to set sights on a new land.

sunset beyond the wavy mountains

To cut all the blah aside, I have been traveling. Work, took me to Nepal. Spectacular sights awaited my packed schedule with such perfect imperfection, that it resulted in perhaps the heaviest sighs mankind has heard.

However, a couple of hours wrenched from nowhere, waking up when the clock struck three and it was still as dark as middle of the night, shivering in the cold, snatching the camera, sipping green tea with perfect strangers and clicking odd pictures brings you this post.

By now you would know, this post is a fact assortment interspersed with some pictures.
the sunrise at Nagarkot ( which deseves far more than a separate post dedicated to it)

Nepal is a rather unique country. For starters, if you are an Indian, you don’t need a passport. A voter ID is enough for the officer at immigrations to wave you in. A lovely country balanced with the most snarl prone roads that makes Mumbai appear juvenile. This snarl prone recklessness despite some outrageously obtuse pricing for cars ( A Santro, I am told costs 18 lakh Nepali Rupees).

They have a 15 minute time difference with India. 15 minutes! Longitudinally speaking I couldn’t piece it together, given that Bengal and Assam that are further to the East, yet maintain IST. But hey, they are a free country and have the freedom to do as their watches will.

If that wasn’t this wasn’t tall enough, well the next difference indeed was. The calendar that’s followed is called Bikram Samwat and by that standard, the current year is 2067 ! While you could be waving in 2011, the Nepal is in 2067 folks!

And the one statistic though that made me not just jump out of a chair, but shoot straight to the moon was that they have 550 + members of parliament. For a country of that size, i imagined having a 100 was a truckload. But i am no geo-politic expert that answers stray questions on national television and fair to say that the Nepalese have their own strong mind.

I must only hasten to submit though that all of the above are empty statistics. The facts that perhaps must hold your attention aren’t really the facts but pictures. Pictures of the great Himalayan peaks as they catch an unfamiliar crimson even while the plains that you stand in are yet to say hello to the sun. And such else.

There is one other ‘fact’ that will keep me going back to Nepal again for sure. (Not counting the fact that the missus has issued an ultimatum that the next trip will be in her grand company, which like every dutiful husband would do : has been agreed to).

That fact..yes the fact… is the people! Ah the people! Absolutely delightful and beautiful people! An accent that drips concern, oozes love coupled with a genuine warmth and that goes the extra mile to lessen the Himalayan chill.

It was enchanting. Plan a trip people. Pristine beauty guaranteed.

10 thoughts on “Himalayan Heights !

  1. Neha says:

    it sounds so inviting..and the clicks!! only to view this beauty, i will go there..

    I enjoy anything and everything written by you..you usually write in short sentences and create a huge impact..very few can do that..notice it some time..not many can write so well in short sentences 🙂

  2. Scribbler says:

    awesome pictures..crimson taking over the peaks looks fab !

    fabulous post Kavi !

    18 lakhs @ santro? hawww…

    Waiting for a post on Nagarkot 🙂

  3. Pria says:

    Awesome pictures and you have become a good eye catcher indeed.

  4. Aparna says:

    Beautiful pictures.
    There is nothing like travel to broaden the mind. And it is always a pleasure to read your blog, whether about Nepal or about Mumbai.

  5. SSQuo says:

    Gorgeous. Ive been meaning to visit for ages, I hope itll happen in the next couple of years.

    To travel for work is tres fun, but gets hard after a while.

  6. Shark says:

    Coming here after a long time… have lots to catch up on 🙂
    But the snaps in this post look amazing!

  7. Insignia says:

    Oh my! Oh my! I cant help but jump up in glee seeing these pictures. I am envious now!

    Pictures are simply simply breath-taking. I have always wanted to go to Nepal, after seeing your pictures, the urge is even more stronger

    18 lakh Rs for a Santro? Aaahh here I was cribbing about a 36 lakh BMW 3 series!

    and why are they 15 minutes ahead? Hmm…thats why they are already in 2067 and we are still in 2010 😛

  8. Jeevan says:

    Well observed the Nepal and its beauty. The pictures inspire a lot more than the astonishing facts! Great u prefer to early attention to valleys and views by withstand the cold weather… which reflects here as fabulous pictures.

  9. sm says:

    beautiful pics

  10. Appu says:

    Lovely Himalayan colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

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