Waking up yet again !

This blog & its readers have been pretty close to my heart. High up there, on the ‘important aspects of life’ hierarchy. Like all such aspects that are truly important to life like ‘love’, ‘family time’, ‘personal health’ etc, this blog too has silently suffered the insufficient attention (of even the incoherent writing). But as is with everything else that’s part of this ‘A list’, the situation is alterable!

Change !!

These have been busy times. Seeing some deep discussions, decisions and mind occupying stuff. So much so, that blog posts on ‘Teachers Day’, ‘Anniversary’, ‘modern day Bangalore’ and many such, havent had movement beyond two gloriously vapid paragraphs. Such ferociously loquacious attempts have since been consigned to the safe confines of the trash box with an flourish that begs many an award.

Hmm.. inbetween the last post on the Anna Hazare and this one, a few things have changed. While Anna Hazare himself has broken his fast, friends have moved on from having his picture as their profile picture on facebook. Those are besides the point.

What is well within the point, is the fact that my computer monitor screen has been flickering away to oblivion. Singalling the end of many years of dedicated service as pointless blogposts and passionate indulgences ( in photography, reading etc…what were you thinking ? ) were satiated through the net!

In other news, there was some travel. Noticing the pranky nephew and his brand new pranks were hugely satisfying. There were regular business meetings and other interactions that brought me face to face with interesting sets of people and a diversity of perspectives that can be mildly put as ‘abundant’. Which brought me to marvel at the spectrum of God’s creation all the way through. Oh yes, there is a spectrum out there. Let me stop going any further down this road.

Work has been heady and hectic. Had to state that. Just in case there are folks from work read this page. Really. Its been. Ok ?

So today, when the feet kicked out the slumber and emerged from the sheets, there was a resolve to restart all that ‘truly mattered’. With a promise to myself to drum up an explanatory post. That’s this post people.

Thank you for all your love. And just in case you are asking, ‘so whats new ?’… well, people look at the header and the ‘up in the cloud’ addition.

Change they say, generally begins in the head.

On this blog, its gone as far as the ‘header’ and not beyond ! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Waking up yet again !

  1. Neha says:

    For me, even today, Kavi is the one with Dilbert dp 🙂 I am still not used to seeing the new gravatar! ah old habits!

    it always feels nice whenever blogger shows a new post from you.

    interesting header 🙂

  2. SG says:

    As usual, it is great to read your new post. Why is everybody busy with work? So many people I know are. Even I am.
    I have for some time been wanting to write about the Anna Hazare fast and the entire episode. That post is still in a rudimentary draft form. Heaven only knows when it will take shape.
    I hope you computer screen recovers to serve you again. Or perhaps, as you said, it is time to welcome a new one!

  3. SwB says:

    Your Anna post was brilliant. Hope all is well old friend. Cheers!

  4. Well, you got your instincts right!! While, readers like me kept checking for your posts and thought, “gosh, even I wrote a blog before Kavi!!!”…. for once……..anyways….glad to see you back in action….

  5. Insignia says:

    I realized last week that it was sometime ago you posted something, and lo! today i see it.

    I always look forward to your posts. Thank your blog for its patience 😛

  6. [passionate indulgences were satiated through the net! ] Heh heh heh ! I need to change my thinking process drastically ! And need to be more sanguine about humanity and its ‘ hidden passions’ !

    congratulations on taking a new monitor !

    Some times, a ‘ pause’ in any activity does wonders to the creativity. ‘ Pause ….. is the best part of speech’ , said Ralph Richardson. And lastly
    ‘ fortunate are the few who find meaning in their jobs’.

  7. Jeevan says:

    A change is needed and i liked the header. Hope u r monitor is restored back to its routine along with blogpost on blogspot. Nice picture 🙂

  8. ashok says:

    🙂 sorry to say…Iam not happy with ur header…It does’nt do justice to ur usually wonderful posts…

  9. ashok says:

    🙂 sorry to say…Iam not happy with ur header…It does’nt do justice to ur usually wonderful posts…

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