Bloggers Meet !

He has sat with this post on draft mode for two days now. Caught between travel and work, he just cant seem to get words into his keyboard. So he writes. He rewrites. Shakes his head in disgust. He shuts the computer down in a huff. And then walks away.

Comes back. And repeats this process many times.

His word tap sputters and coughs. Much like the municipal taps that supply drinking water in a suburban town. Much noise. Much hiss. Occasional drip. But no steady flow of water. He wonders why words have deserted him these days. Perhaps it is to do with the joy of meeting them.

With little patience left, bearing a tired body and weary eyes, he decides to be authentic. And presents his sputter – sputter – cough right there. Much like municipal tap in peak summer !

They met. Those bloggers. Once again. The first time around, was when they put the face to the home page. This time around, they put a soul to the face ! Comprehensive description has been blogged here. And here. And here.

Exchanged in good earnest were the following. Chatter. Banter. Some gossip. Opinions. Thoughts. Advice. Wishes. Leg pulling. And some sizzle.

On a Saturday afternoon, they began where they had left off. Like old school friends. And left off again, easily, when they had to move. Sure they would meet again !

They went dutch. Like last time. Pooled in money. Counted notes like high school kids who had just bunked class and went to a fancy restaurant with pocket money saved for months !

Total clean fun. Simply sizzled !

He thanked the stars and the Gods above. For a group of friends like this. They not only read his blog, but leave comments as well.

And then, they come together and spend time like old friends. People who share a similar journey on the blog world.

One who pushed his trip back home, so that he could be here. Another who was making an important investment decision. People who he had met in person only three months back…

And as if that was not enough, ofcourse the gifts flew in as well. One of them brought a neat writing pad for everybody.

And another had made a mango dish, packed it in a bowl and presented it in a handmade bag.

And ofcourse, he better thank his stars. For the friends. For the internet. For their reading. For their leaving a comment. For their taking time off to get together.

And when he reaches home, his missus, tastes the mango dish and says, ‘finally. Finally. Finally, your blog feeds me’ !

Phew. Now thats the closest he has ever gotten to official recognition for his blog. And so he believes God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world !!