Parking Full !

One of the woes of driving in a big city like Mumbai is not necessarily in the driving. But in the parking. The good deeds that you did in the past three lives put together, determines the availability of a good parking spot today !

At least that’s the hypotheses that i am getting myself to accept. For i have consistently found that good ones don’t exist and the rest are taken. That’s been the experience. Every single time that the the tyre has rolled to get somewhere, it has rolled an equal distance to find a place to stop. Much after reaching the place!

And after an hour of driving, the struggle to park can be downright trying. Praying for mercy from gleeful parking attendants and merciless co-drivers. ( Who can seem to know how to park a Merc in a space where you don’t think a Maruti 1050 will fit ).

Just as you are all set to park, your eye spots some message written somewhere. Some messages of them are downright simple. ‘No Parking’ they scream. Others are more positive. “Parking Full” they say.

(‘Parking Full’ means the same thing : ‘tough-luck-go-around-find-another-place’ )!

And then there are those that overdo it. Like this one.

Which says, ‘No No Parking’ ! Now, What does that one mean ?

For starters, Parking is a strict No-No is a meaning it can take !

And it could also mean ‘No’; to ‘No-Parking’. Double negative. Meaning you could park here. So go ahead. And try teaching double negative word play to the Mumbai parking lot attendant. May the forces be with you.

And then there are those that seem to symbolically convey this

Methinks a ‘No Parking’ board on a chair with no seat to park your back side….is a powerful symbolic message.

Huh. Thats one post full on parking full !

“Tiger is coming” !!

We finished lunch at work and were walking back, when there was a flurry of activity on the road, with school students, elderly people, middle aged men running towards their vehicles. For a minute we didn’t quite know what was happening.

We stopped a sprinter to ask what was it all about. And he said, ” Tiger is coming. Tiger is coming”. We were perplexed. A tiger ? In the middle of Bangalore ? They sure were kidding. But all of them were running. We truly were looking at each others faces. To understand what was happening.

And then the Tiger appeared !

We found later that ‘Tiger’ was the name given to the Police tow away vehicle. Especially for two wheelers. Some other colleagues said that was a ubiquitous name for all tow away vehicles But then, it surely was some relief to see a different tiger.

The alacrity with which some bikes, parked in no-parking zones were lifted, placed on the vehicle and driven away was scary and strangely amusing. We saw some strange scenes with pleading, neogotiation and an awful lot of wheeling-dealing to save their bikes from the Tigers and the ‘Tiger Riders’ !!

And the ‘Tiger riders’ seem to have raw power ! To lord over every captured prey who was parked at the wrong end ! Wonder why they named it a tiger ? Any thoughts ?